Meet Me @ *$$… (Dammit, it says Starbucks, okay?!)

See what I did there? See what I did, eh eh eh? * (star) $$$ (bucks); STARBUCKS!! Okay, sure it looks like a poorly-censored *insert air quote* profane word (for those who are too innocent, it’s supposed to read “ass”). And no, I’m not trying to imply that Starbucks is worthy to be juxtaposed with an anatomical part – hey, I ain’t getting my ass whooped by a lawsuit; I’m keeping my opinions personal on this anyways….for now.

Jokes aside, if that WAS even funny to start with, many people, including me, have the tendency to make Starbucks as their meeting point. Let me say, on behalf of this particular group of people, the reason we do so is the fact that Starbucks has basically become a household name; it’s the first thing that comes to mind when you want to meet someone (whether you plan on standing in front of Starbucks, or actually coming inside and ordering something). Not only that, it’s located on the entrance of almost every malls; heck, even Siam Paragon has 3 of them brewing there. It’s simple and efficient. Marketing 101, brada!

So no, we don’t necessarily choose it because we simply want to feel socially and financially superior, it’s just that, well, we’re more familiar with it since it’s almost the first thing you see when you go to the mall. However, it does actually sound a bit too pretentious, since like, some readers would argue that we have other popular places like KFC, McDonald’s, and the likes. Well here’s the thing; in a way, Starbucks does let you indulge yourself to a simple cup of coffee (be it a hot Skinny Grande Latte or a Venti Iced Skinny Hazzlenut Macchiato extra-shot sugar-free syrup light-ice no whip *I know my drinks, ‘kay? jk, I got the last menu from overhearing a guy’s order a week ago*), relax and what not. “So?” the unpersuaded reader would ask. Well, to get such a treatment would mean  having to dig deeper in your wallet as well as being a bit more economically considerate. Imagine hanging out at the other places like fast-food joints and being unconscious about your expenditures, buying this-and-that because today’s deal is this-with-this. In addition to that, they don’t really have sockets to charge :/

THHHAAAAAAA  EEEEFFFF? Who am I kidding, I’m over-justifying myself. I don’t know why I prefer meeting at or in front of Starbucks besides the fact that I like the coffee-pampering(?). I guess I’ll have to fully admit..that I…am a victim of capitalism D: . Awwwww, schucks.


The Journal: Where It’s Been All Along

First page of the journal; I sorta freaked out after finding a crack on the boddhi leaf.

First page of the journal; I sorta freaked out after finding a crack on the boddhi leaf.

So after not blogging for like, what 10 months? I have decided to write (type, to be precise) once again. I didn’t ditch writing completely, I was actually continuing the writing in my own journal book. Yes, a book. A tangible object that one gets to feel and reminisce about the handwriting imprinted on the pages.  I mean, for me, that’s the difference about writing and typing; you could basically (figuratively, of course) sentimentally puke out all sorts of random, supposedly, meta things and feel it all pour out and let it sink in (again, please read it figuratively, puking on a book is disgusting. No-brainer).

I just wrote down this exceptionally long post on my journal right, and I thought whether or not it would be a great idea to make a digital copy/update of it here. I probably will, some way down the road, but not now. Anyways, this journal of mine is basically filled with things, mostly some random existentialist-crisis thoughts, like if my red is the same as your red, if perspective is reality or how the sunny sky would make me want to hang out and chill with the clouds (those who read this particular journal entry would probably think I’m this hallucinogen-induced kid who sucks so bad at being poetic). But I also wrote down some normal stuff, like…um, my fractured kneecap for instance, or how I tried to write just so that I’d fall asleep since it was already 2.45 AM on a Monday. Stuff like that

It’d be probably cool though, to hand down the journal to my kids (something that I plan to do) and let the journal speak to them and be like, “Yo nigga, this is the teen version of your Momma. You’re about to read some wise *lol* thoughts from yours truly”. Meh, they’d probably laugh their asses off.

I’ll just put a recent entry ( 5-10 minutes ago from this post)  just so you could get a feel of it:

Sooo…hi there, beautiful! Apparently, I’m having an identity existence crisis. For the past few weeks, I’ve been constantly habituated w/ deep, and sometimes, creepy, thoughts. For instance, I questioned my own reality a few days ago after thinking about the term “perception is reality”. It made sense to me; there’s almost no such thing [for us humans] as the “ultimate truth” about [to] a situation, unless one can actually KNOW about it. CCTVs are possibly the closest thing to getting the truth, but the thing is, it’s limited. A recorded image of a man leaving crime scene would deem said man of being a suspect, when in fact, he was trying to help the victim from a freak accident (Come on, it’s possible, right?). Truth is what we don’t see, because we humans would box and categorize and rationalize things just so that we wouldn’t lose our “sense” of being sane.
See? Pretty deep shit, huh? Anyways,lets take a break from the meta ideas; I’m having an AP test THIS MONDAY, and I have to finish a 30 page (give, or take) business plan by Thursday night. Let’s take a moment to thank Procrastination – it screws you up. So  yea, I shouldn’t be writing this journal  seeing my current sticky issue, but dammit man, I was inspired after reading my first post in WordPress
Truth be told, I personally prefer writing a journal instead of  typing one; from my point of view, you don’t really get to connect with yourself when it comes typing your  thoughts or feelings or whatever. When you write, you get a small, yet adequate, amount of time to actually let your own words to sink in, giving you flow. Basically you get to pour your soul all over the pages & make some random shitty pictures that’s somehow supposed to enlighten you and/or just make your writing 
[entry] look cooler. Admit it, you’d probably assume an author is fucking brilliant when they put, say, a random pic of a camera with a flower coming out of its lenses. “Typical hipsters -_-” the readers would say.
Ooh! One thing I’d like to add, is that creativity these days, unfortunately, is seen as something that basically comes out from hipsters. People would gush over photos of coffee mug, edited in a sepia color tone, and call it “arty”. Creativity has been so associated with “novel” and “rebellious” things that people would force themselves to (at some extent) actually try to be artsy and copy what they thought of as “new”, when creativity, by definition, is  “the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination”. Creativity basically has been boxed down.But then again, who am I to judge creativity and it’s alleged followers? Who knows, I could possibly be the least creative person to the point that I try to write deep things and differentiate myself from the others by criticizing. Fiuh, my wrist is cramping. Maybe I should type after all, and copy everything I wrote here to the blog. Meh
I almost forgot, I’m planning to give this journal to my child(ren) *amen* as hopefully, a sort of “wisdom book”.
Pfft, BAHAHAHA, yea right, “wisdom”.

And so, there it is, an entry of my journal. Having told you my tight schedule, I gots’ ta get back to work  now.

The Blogging Paranoia is my first day writing a blog – quite awkward to put in your first post I guess.

To be honest, I’m quite paranoid writing this first post since I’m more of a perfectionist (in a way that something HAS to look nice even though it’s bad and…I’ll get to that later); kinda like Laura from Tennessee William’s “The Glass Menagerie“, who over-magnifies her tiniest faults that no one knew even existed. I mean, I’m bound to write “poop-ish” stuff in here that only I notice and others don’t, right? But what if it IS poop-ish? Then again, it’s self-expressing right? There’s no right or wrong about that…even though it could end up poop-ish TT_TT

People usually think of  loads of things and tell themselves “Hey, those thoughts are worth blogging..know what, screw journals, I’m going to start my own blog!!! *proud Rambo face emerges*”..and so, their typical procrastinated-first-timers-charm trip to the computer starts; stopping by the fridge to get that brain fueled up for writing those awesome thoughts, entering the room as they pass the mirror ( some people have to look THAT frickin awesome and in the “zone” when writing their first-ever-written-awesome thoughts)  and the minute their fingers rest upon the keyboard..BAM!! Brain set to reset.

Apparently, such a thing has happened to me. You read lots of amazing blogs, you watch edifying short animations on youtube, you sit around wandering and contemplating how/why everything works and once you reach that enlightened point of writing all your inner pathetic-yet-really-sweet-poetic “things”, all you can come up with is discussing about the day when you discovered your so-called male pet fish was actually a she.

As I lie here on the floor with my laptop resting on my thighs, I wonder what it’d be like when someone else happens to open my blog by chance and actually be amazed at what I’m posting that he – or she – becomes so enlightened and glorified that they finally get to win a trophy, change their way of living their lives, or better, change the world. Then again, it could go the exact opposite direction; ruin lives, inspire them to rob a bank, run for president, the list goes on. However, there’s still a huge chance that no one would really visit my blog let alone read it; that would technically be a blog-limbo…life-limbo(?) since everything stays the same.

Ooooh, I haven’t introduced myself yet..I’m Dasha, an Indonesian who’s currently residing in  Bangkok *woot woot* and is about to start her senior year very soon. And by the looks of it, there might be some “gado-gado” language** implemented later on

**Indonesian-fused English…or vice versa; either way :\